Everyday Swedish for asylum seekers

This courses are in two levels, for people who do not know any Swedish and for people who know some basic Swedish. The person who participated in the course have to be aylum seeker or have been granted a residence permit, but are still living in reception accommodation. The course is free and everybody will receive course literature from their teacher.


  • Practice all language skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing.
  • The focus is on oral communication.
  • Teaching is in Swedish.
  • The participants take an active part in the lessons.
  • Exercises in pairs and small groups are an important part of the course. Everyone will have maximum opportunity to use the
  • Between lessons, participants need to study at home.
  • The teacher will continuously help everyone to assess the progress.

In the course they will learn the basics of Swedish. The goal is that they will be able to make they self-understanding (and will be
able to understand others) in everyday situations. Examples include: saying „hello“; shopping; and, giving and asking for simple information.

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Project in different cities in whole Sweden, this one is based in Malmö